Tuesday, December 10, 2013

giving in

whenever you're upset with your bestfriends,, 
you just need to swallow all the pain and keep it,,
bestfriends are just being human having flaws and all that,,
because that's what they do when they're upset with you,,

dear me,,
having said all this,,
please forgive and forget whatever they did wrong,,
because they do forgive and forget whatever you did wrong,,
because that's bestfriends being a bestfriend,,

Monday, September 9, 2013

thank you

to wrap things up,, it's been a good learning experience when you gone out of your comfort zone,, the world out of your norm where you've learned how to survive on your own,, seeing and experienced new things,, language,, gesture,, cultures,, religions,, which made you appreciate and be grateful of what you have,, encouraging to be better and moving on,, accepting who you are,,  

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


hoping that you would only tell the truth,
hoping that you meant every bit of it,
hoping that it was real,
hoping that you would be hoping too,,

Monday, July 15, 2013


we hold on to what we believed in,,

the truth

always find a chance to write something,, 
to let it all out,, 
to voice out the opinion,, 
to spill out hatred,, 
to spread out the love,, 
it just the matter of time and the willingness,, 
to told the truth,, 
i'm scared,,

some said that we are what we are,, we know better about ourselve better than anyone else,, but some said,, the one close to you know you better than you do,, which one really is the truth,, for some reasons i believed that i know myself better than anyone else because i feel and i think,, 

the pain, the hatred, the love, and all the thoughts are from myself, no one know better what i'm feeling and thinking,, it's just me and me,, perhaps some people has different idea,, i don't know,, but one thing for sure, i do know what i do know,, 

we can't just assume that we closed to them and we know all about them,, up to some point, people always has their own secret that no one will ever know,, it's in the mind,, the thoughts! to read someone's mind is to read their expression and the body language,, it will show at the very least, the gist of what they're thinking,, 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


i am truly tired of my way of life,, it's not i'm being ungrateful because i am grateful to have this chance,, it is just the way i'm living it,, i missed so many wonderful things in my life and always neglect to grab the chances,, i'm so lost it,, it is a new year,, but somehow i'm stuck to the past,, the truth is getting harder  and harder to spell,, all in that,, we people should never ever wasting our time and always grab the opportunities that happened in our lives,, and don't regret it later,, easy to talk right,, as in that moment,, the moment where we have to make the decision that's what we called life,, and we bear the consequences later whether it good or bad,, so far i dealt with the bad one,, not the worst though,, we just have to live right,, no matter what and one thing that we people should never loose it,, never lost faith,, because it is what keep we people living till the very end,,

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


this is the best, describing the situation we've been all this while,
" poke my iris and why can't i cry about this? "
" but there's one thing we've got going "
"and it's the only thing worth knowing "
" but i hate when i feel like this and i never hated you "